Zero waste beauty essentials

f you're trying to reduce plastic waste around the home, switching to some zero waste beauty essentials is a great place to start. Zero waste beauty products come in packaging that can be recycled, reused or refilled, and are designed to keep waste out of landfill.

Zero Waste Shampoo Bar
Image credit: Kind2

Kind2 Shampoo Bar


Gently cleansing and infused with the power of shea, hemp seed and macadamia oils, this zero waste shampoo bar is designed to restore and hydrate – leaving your hair soft, shiny and smooth. Sulphate, palm oil and plastic free, this solid shampoo is an award winning must-have zero waste beauty essential. 

Zero waste makeup wipes
Image credit: Rose Inc

Rose Inc Reusable Makeup Wipes


These organic bamboo cotton rounds make a great zero waste beauty switch. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and the soft terry texture that gently exfoliates the skin. The set also includes a handy mesh bag to place the rounds after use for machine washing.

WUKA period pants
Image credit: WUKA

WUKA Period Pants


WUKA Period Pants are underwear that fully absorbs your period and doesn’t let it leak, so you can wave goodbye to disposable pads and tampons! Every WUKA prevents over 200 disposables from going to landfill with every pair. 

Image credit: Bambooth

Bambooth bamboo toothbrush


Bambooth is the only adult bamboo toothbrush approved by the Oral Health Foundation’s independent panel of dental experts! Bambooth’s bamboo handle will biodegrade within 6 months if placed in personal or commercial composting, and the BPA-free nylon bristles can be recycled as plastics if placed in a larger recyclable container. 

Organic soap bar
Image credit: Little Soap Company

Little Soap Company Organic Grapefruit & Orange Soap Bar


Zesty, zingy and really refreshing, this organic solid soap bar is made with the finest natural ingredients. Free from detergents, SLS, sulphates, alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicones & synthetic preservatives, 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

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