Pala Eyewear
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Pala Eyewear

Certified B Corp Pala Eyewear make sunglasses from the very best Italian bio-acetate. This material is predominantly plant-based and certified biodegradable, so better for the planet. All of their sunglasses are vegan and cruelty-free.

For every pair of sunglasses sold, they give back to eye-care programmes in Africa by providing grants to vision centres, dispensaries and screening programmes, with international charity Vision Aid Overseas.

To create their unique cases, they partner with Care4basket a non-governmental organisation (NGO) running an initiative in Bolgatanga, Upper East Ghana. Working with artisans and weavers from deprived communities, they make traditional woven baskets – and now the cases for Pala sunglasses. By utilising recycled plastic, Pala give the weavers access to a readily available material, rather than the more traditional straw, which is limited by seasonality and increasingly, climate change. This offers the chance for a more regular income throughout the year.

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