Embellished Truth London
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Embellished Truth London

Luxury sustainable accessories

Embellished Truth is a brand with sustainability in its DNA. From the beginning every raw material, every supplier and every process has been carefully evaluated for its kindness and respect for people and the environment.

Each handbag is made using the finest eco-friendly leather, which is a by-product of the food industry. Using these skins is creating a durable material from a waste product and preventing them from going to landfill. They are vegetable tanned in Europe, in a process free from chrome and other heavy metals - instead using vegetable substances which are harvested in a sustainable manner. The end result is beautifully soft, breathable and biodegradable leather.

They also partner with disadvantaged artisans in Cambodia to create fair-trade brass cuffs that feature on their signature Sheikha clutch bag and Collar. Each cuff is individually crafted from recycled bombshells which are remnants from the war nearly 40 years ago. The bombshells still litter the country today and have enabled the artisans to create their own living whilst working from home and raising their families.

The brand is zero waste - all leather offcuts are saved after production and used to create zip pulls, wrist cuffs and jewellery. Any small fibres are biodegradable and added to compost.

Inspired by Indian culture, prints and embellishments, each piece is individually created with care in London.

In 2013, the brand was given the Blue Butterfly positive mark of luxury by Positive Luxury.

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